Why Gum is a Better Way to Boost Your Energy

Why Gum is a Better Way to Boost Your Energy

Caffeine is an integral part of our morning routine here at Run Gum HQ, and we’re willing to bet it is for most of you reading this too! 

We say this because some medical studies suggest that upwards of 90% of Americans consume caffeine on a daily basis in some form. Whether it’s a gel, a pill, a pack of our Run Gum, an energy drink or your favorite cup of Joe, there’s a way to get your fix no matter your preference. 

With so many alternatives to the classic cup of joe, it can be dizzying to find which works for you. 

Here at Run Gum, we are one of these alternatives; we are energy in the form of gum! 

So, Why Gum? 

You can drink your caffeine, you can swallow your caffeine in a pill, you can shoot your caffeine in a gel pack… so why chew it? While up until our breakthrough product development there’s been little market for chewable caffeine, there’s some incredible benefits for chewing caffeine instead of digesting

Get Faster Boost through Sublingual and Buccal Absorption

A confusing phrase for a simple function: Sublingual and Buccal Absorption is a process when stimulants and vitamins (such as caffeine) are absorbed into your body through the tissue in your mouth. It is used in a lot of ways in both the medical and nutraceutical industries.

The primary benefit is that this superior absorption method allows you to begin feeling boost up to 5x faster than anything you digest.

Whether you are drinking energy drinks, energy shots, and even coffee, you are sending down a slow path of digestion; a process that can take 45 minutes before you feel the peak benefits.

But as you chew on our functional energy gum, you are activating the superior delivery method that bypasses slow process all together.

Just a few minutes of chewing Run Gum is all it takes to help maximize your performance and productivity.

No More Harsh and Acidic Liquids in Your Stomach

While we all desire the caffeine in our systems to help us feel energized, focused, and alert, we don’t really desire the large amounts of sugary and acidic liquids that we have to put in our gut. 

Whether you are working out, on a long drive, or on your favorite hike, the last thing you want to worry about is the harsh liquid sloshing around your stomach, which could lead to...🚽😬!

And often when you want energy, you aren’t necessarily thirsty.

Now you can literally pop a piece or two in right before a workout and feel the effects within minutes, something you could never do via caffeinated beverages.

Lightweight, Versatile Caffeine Kick without the Mess

Imagine trying to take a week's supply of energy drinks on a backpacking trip or think about how many times you have spilled coffee on something important.

We compressed everything you want in a caffeinated product into a lightweight and convenient piece of chewing gum that you can easily keep in your gym bag, at desk, or in the glove department. No refrigeration. No heating up.


Looking to change up your caffeine routine and Run The Day?

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P.S. Did you know what studies have shown that just the act of chewing gum can increase your cognitive function?! More on that soon.

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