The Benefits of Chewing Gum

The Benefits of Chewing Gum

We add good stuff to our gum already, but did you know that there are actually benefits to chewing gum too?

So, when we say Chew Gum. Have Energy. Run the Day; It’s more than just about having energy through Run Gum.

Some of these surprising benefits are: 

  1. YOU BURN CALORIES! ⚡️Studies show that actively chewing gum burns up to 11 calories an hour! With how much we love to chew gum, it adds up fast! 
  2. Slim your cravings. Chewing gum may help you curb those extra food cravings, which may help with better food choices!  
  3. Keeping your teeth healthy! Say what? Yep, did you know that  chewing gum for 20 min after you eat will protect your teeth from food debris and increase your saliva to help guard your teeth and speed up food breakdown!  
  4. Improve Memory. When you chew gum it actually increases your blood flow to your brain, benefitting your memory in the long run!
  5. Staying Awake. So besides the fact that we offer you a boost in caffeine, chewing gum has also been proven that it can help you stay awake. (Mint flavors are especially stimulating!) 

Chewing gum, (especially sugar free!) is an easy way to get tons of benefits throughout your day.

Why not add a little caffeine to it to help you Run the Day a little smarter, healthier, and more alert!