Sam Lapray, Olympic Coach — The Importance of Having People In Your Corner — Ep. 1

“You've got to have humility to have success, you've got to be hungry to have success, and then you got to be smart to have success." - Sam Lapray

Who is in your corner?

On the first episode of the Run The Day Podcast, we welcome Olympic Coach and Entrepreneur Sam Lapray. He co-founded Run Gum with Nick Symmonds and before that helped Nick win championships and make Olympic Teams. Where Sam goes, success follows.

In this conversation with Nick Symmonds, Sam shares the stories of success the two have shared together and three qualities one needs to have to find success in anything.  He also tells many stories of how it always comes down to people and that you need to surround yourself with the right ones to reach your goals.

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Special thanks to Sam Lapray for joining me this month. Until next time!