The Running Event, Run Gum Retailers - Where It All Started - 020

The Running Event, Run Gum Retailers - Where It All Started - 020

"It's so rewarding now to hear how people are utilizing our product."

You Have To Work Hard To Be Great

The Running Event is the place where we launched Run Gum 5 short years ago.  This event means so much to us!  In this podcast you'll get to hear from the people that trusted Run Gum early on and have helped us to have success.

The Running Event, TRE takes place every year in the last week of November.  It is an expo where Running Speciality Owners, Managers, and Employees from all over the country will come to find the latest and greatest products and to see what's to come for their favorite companies in the upcoming year.  We look forward to it because we're able to see all of our awesome Retailers. 

In this episode, Nick talks with our Run Gum Retailers about The Running Event, being a Run Gum Retailer, and what gives them success as business owners.

Learn all about these awesome Retailers, what they're up to and what's next for them.



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Special thanks to Dustin Pierce, Chris Farley, James Ewald, Randy Houser, Mike Rouse, and Lindsey Mattingly for joining me this week. Until next time!

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