Tyler Murphy Transforms Through Couch To 5K

Tyler Murphy Transforms Through Couch To 5K

At 280 pounds, Tyler Murphy looked at his reflection and wondered 'where did this guy come from?’ He used to joke with his wife, who would try to get him to go for just a walk, that unless he’s walking to the ice cream truck he wasn’t going for a “walk.” All that changed in the summer of 2015.

It was just another summer day on the beach back in 2015, but for Murphy it would be one he wouldn’t forget.  He looked down to see a shadow of himself only to question if his children were standing nearby him or something else was causing the shadow to appear so large. To his dismay, the shadow was his.

Astounded by how large he’d become, Tyler, along with his wife Beth began a health and wellness journey. Together they joined a program called the Couch to 5K Program. The goal of this program is to take its’ participants from an inactive lifestyle and have them up and running a 5K or walking for 30 minutes in just 9 weeks. It wasn’t going to be easy but Tyler knew he had to do something. In the beginning stages Tyler tried to keep up with Beth but he got left behind most times, not able to keep up with the training. He did not get discouraged. He had his iPod, you know the one with the big screen, and he followed behind groaning waiting for Beth to let him know just when he could stop running.

Eventually he caught up to her and within the span of two years he would go on to lose 110 pounds. Since losing that weight Tyler and Beth have gone on to run 4 marathons together and have never looked back. Although never finishing together they kiss at the beginning of each race and say, “See ya at the finish.” 

When Murphy was trying to escape the guy that he was, running was about performance but now after a few years he realizes that it’s about the people and the community of runners. He says, “Becoming an ambassador[of Run Gum]was a way to branch into that community more.” It is his way of giving back and staying connected to the people in the community. He started off with running revolving around performance but understands now that it’s all about the people.

“Finding Run Gum was really like a happy accident at first. Now I always have Run Gum on me because it’s the way I carry through after school or going for training runs, or going on long runs. It’s definitely part of the ritual I have as an athlete.” Murphy said.

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