Why It Is Important For Us to Launch Our How We Run Series

Why It Is Important For Us to Launch Our How We Run Series

Going on adventures as a team is crucial as we grow our business.

Fishing Buoy 10

If you haven’t seen our first ever How We Run episode, we highly suggest doing so. At Run Gum, we want to live passionately, which is why created it. With this series we hope to provide a window into what it’s like being starting and growing this business, how essential living an active lifestyle is to us, and most importantly, hopefully to inspire you to go out and do what you are passionate about.

While we are documenting the adventures, it is really the experience that is important for us.  These times are about team building, enjoying each other outside the typical office environment and understanding that it will help us grow.

Our first adventure took place near Astoria, Oregon in a not-so-secret fishing spot called Buoy 10. If you’re a fisherman by trade or by hobby, chances are you’ve heard of it and how it’s the place to be the month of August. Lucky for us, we had none other than Salmon Larry take us out.

The luck didn’t stop there - we also caught a beautiful large Chinook the day we went out, which ended up feeding all our families and then some. But what you don’t see in our epic video, is the amount of struggle we went through to get there. We made a lot of mistakes and learned from them.

Kind of what it has been like to build this company.

With that, here is what salmon fishing taught us about growing our business:

1. Under no circumstances can you freak out.

The art of “being cool” is vital to master. Whether having the patience for a fish to bite or pushing through the slower times of a startup, it’s important to remember that we are in a ultramarathon. We are in this for the long term.

2. Once you hook it, reel it in slowly, and avoid creating slack in the line. 

Then once you do hook a fish, an equal amount of patience and grit is crucial. Instead of rushing the fish into the boat, you hold on and let the fish do its thing, which can take awhile. 

The reality of starting a business can be grueling. Sometimes you just have to let the market play out and just hold on. All while keeping a tight line on the prize. Eventually your time will come and you can reel it in. And one day - feel that victory.

3. Seriously be cool, even during the setbacks.

Our own Nick Symmonds got a little too excited (he really likes fish) and ended up losing our first one - a massive Chinook.  He learned what not to do and the rest of us learned by watching.  

Making mistakes is ok, it is how you respond to the mistake that matters.

4. Always trust and be kind to your Guide throughout this entire process.

We learned early on that day how important it was to listen to Salmon Larry and trust what he was telling us. Having a mentor is crucial for success, but it is even more important that you trust and respect them. Your guide is in that role for a purpose.

Yes, we were out there to land some fish, but we were also out there to have fun and enjoy the fact that fishing on Buoy 10 was a work day.  For us it is a time to pull back the reigns of the daily grind. A time to learn. A time to connect and grow as a team.

They say a bad day of fishing beats a good day in the office. We choose to a good day of both! 

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