Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Run Gum Ambassador Program! We are looking for a group of influencers who love our energy gum and are excited to share it with their friends and families.


To help determine if there is a good fit between you and Run Gum, please read through the details below. If it all sounds good to you, follow the link at the bottom of the page to fill out our application.


What we are looking for in our ambassador community:

  • You have an active lifestyle and energy supplements help you get more out of your day
  • You are engaged and active with your community on social media
  • You find that others often ask you for advice on how to lead an active, healthy lifestyle
  • You are goal oriented and consistently work towards achieving your goals in your personal and professional life


What Run Gum Ambassadors will do:

  • Post 2x per month on social media platforms about Run Gum’s products
  • Use Run Gum during your training, adventures, and/or daily life
  • Share your personalized discount code with friends and family
  • Agree not to represent any other energy supplement brands
  • Maintain a positive and encouraging message online, whether posting about Run Gum or not


What Run Gum will provide Ambassadors in return:

  • Free Run Gum products!
  • Personalized discount on additional orders from Run Gum
  • A discount code to share with your audience
  • Exposure on social media via re-posting of content on Run Gum’s social channels
  • Opportunity to be featured in Run Gum’s newsletter, website, and social media
  • Opportunity to earn branded Run Gum gear



  • Does it cost anything to be in the Run Gum Ambassador Program?
    • Nope! If you are accepted in the program, you are expected to post about Run Gum and share it with your audience. No cost or required orders on your part.
  • Is this program open to those who live outside of the US?
    • Unfortunately, no, we have to limit our Ambassador Program to the United States this year. We are actively working on international expansion!
  • How long is the program?
    • This program will run through the end of 2024, with applications re-opening in the fall for 2025.
  • Do you have NIL / paid opportunities?
    • We are still considering the development of an elite team that will be compensated further for their partnership. If you are interested, please apply to the Ambassador program. If accepted as an ambassador, we can continue the conversation!


If you’re excited to work with us, we are too! Please apply at the following link:
2024 Run Gum Ambassador Application