How To Have More Energy While Backpacking & Hiking

There is something so freeing about exploring the great outdoors.

Having everything you need to survive in your backpack slows life down and makes everything seem so much more simple.

But with all your gear, backpacks get heavy, and all that weight matters.
Run Gum energy gum. Coffee alternative for backpacking and hiking.

When you choose to opt outside, you need to be alert and focused. For many people, carrying around heavy energy drinks is not an option. Run Gum is a lightweight energy boost created to help you reach the summit.

Adventurers who chew Run Gum are able to have the boost they want without extra weight so that they can adventure further and for longer.

At under 0.1 ounces in weight and packaged in waterproof foil, Run Gum is the answer to your energy needs in the backcountry!