How To Maximize Your Run

How do you get the most out of every run? You can eat right, sleep right and train right, but that is not always enough.

Sometimes you still need an extra boost to maximize your performance.

That is what two-time Olympian and biochemist, Nick Symmonds discovered. The Run Gum founder needed an energy product that could keep up with his training but couldn’t find it.
caffeine energy boost for runners

Tired of coffee and energy drinks sloshing around in his stomach when he ran, Nick took the things he loved most out of energy drinks (caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins) and packed them into a piece of chewing gum.

Maybe you are like Nick.

You love your pre-workout caffeine fix but are tired of what it does to your gut. Run Gum is an easy-to-use caffeine boost that keeps your stomach clean so that you can focus on your mileage.

Runners who chew Run Gum before each run are able to get the energy they need to maximize every mile, train for their next race and reach their fitness goals.

If every run is important to you, then you know that what your body runs on matters.