Best Energy Boost to Recover from Air Travel

You fly a lot, and we think that's awesome!


Between jet lag, cabin pressure-induced drowsiness, and having your energy drink or coffee confiscated by TSA, flying can take its toll on you.

Run Gum gives a frequent flyers an energy boost to beat jet lag

Many people, whether you're off to a business meeting, the start of a vacation or just returning home, need a boost when they get off the plane. Run Gum is a lightweight, travel-friendly caffeine gum created to give you quick, convenient energy kick.

Frequent flyers who chew Run Gum feel refreshed, focused and energized so that they can hit the ground running and off to the reason why they are flying in the first place.

If you love traveling but hate being exhausted, chew Run Gum.

What You'll Get With Run Gum

Caffeine + Taurine + B-Vitamins

Run Gum is everything you love about an energy drink, without the water and weight of a can. It's a zero calorie, sugar-free source of energy in a lightweight, waterproof package.

Quick Energy Boost

Discover the benefits of using sublingual and buccal absorption. You'll absorb the active ingredients up to 5x Faster through the glands in the mouth more quickly and at a greater effect, all while bypassing the digestive system and any unwanted stomach problems.

Lightweight and Convenient

Easy on-the-go packs fit great in your pocket, bag or desk. The quick energy boost of caffeine is perfect for maximizing your performance during your workout, getting through the afternoon slump, study sessions and those late night drives.

Used by People Like You

From Olympians and NFL athletes, to firefighters, nurses, students, and entrepreneurs, Run Gum has helped thousands of people perform to their best when it matters the most.

Run Gum makes it easy to get your caffeine and energy boost. Buy Today>>

One piece of Run Gum contains the same amount of caffeine (50mg) as an average cola. One pack of Run Gum contains the same amount of caffeine (100mg) as an 8oz cup of coffee or energy drink.