How To Stay Awake While Driving

The road trip. Is there anything more American?

Our beautiful country is HUGE and there is nothing better than hitting the pavement and seeing it.

But safe driving means alert driving and we all know what it is like being sleepy behind the wheel.
Run Gum Energy boost while driving and on road trips

Most people need a boost while on the open road. Coffee and energy drinks help, but then they are dealing with constant bathroom breaks. Run Gum is a liquid free energy boost created to help you reach your destination.

Drivers who chew Run Gum feel an immediate perk from the act of chewing gum and a lasting energy from the caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins so that they are alert and safe while behind the wheel.

If your car runs on gas, what do you run on? Chew Run Gum and reach your destination.