How We Run


People Matter • Performance Matters

Run Gum® was born through the pursuit for greatness and will continue to create an environment that pushes the limits in what we do and how we do it. We share an unshakable commitment toward a common goal of becoming a brand with an inspiring culture and amazing products. How We Run serves as the training plan and the base through which we grow as a company, as individuals and as a family.

1. Live Passionately

Our foundation begins with a passion and zest for life. We want to live active, healthy lifestyles; seeking personal growth, pushing the limits and always finding new adventures.

2. Strive for Gold

Because we don’t just want to be good. We want to be deliberate in our work and our training and strive for excellence in all that we do.

3. Deliver a Winning Service

We are in this for the long RUN and we know that starts with providing a winning service to our customers and partners. This means we will RUN the extra mile to reach a service that goes well beyond what is expected.

4. Be Nimble and Embrace Change

We are running in a competitive environment. We are willing to challenge the status quo, are able to react swiftly and we are ready to kick at any time.

5. Have a Big Heart

We believe in having a positive influence on sports and the world. We give back to both those who are doing what they love and the communities in which we live in.

6. Do More with Less

We are lean and efficient. We use our resources wisely, spend carefully and do not waste our time and energy on matters that don't fit within our vision or culture.

7. Act in RUN's Best Interest

We make decisions that will serve the best interests of RUN. We are not just interested in now, but also the sustainability of tomorrow and beyond.

8. Be a Great Training Partner

We believe building a game-changing organization can only be achieved when we are all great training partners. We challenge one another. We empower and trust one another. We listen to one another. And we are selfless people who will have one another's back. Most importantly, we enjoy each other and have fun!

9. Always Be a Student

We believe that we never stop growing or learning. We are always seeking personal and professional growth and becoming experts in what we do.

10. Be Dream Builders

Whether helping athletes pursue their dreams or pursuing our own, we RUN to make the unlikely possible.