5 Reasons to Bring Run Gum on Your Next Road Trip

5 Reasons to Bring Run Gum on Your Next Road Trip

Traveling? Maybe your original airport travel plans got canceled because... you know...#coronoavirus.

Well, grab your travel partners and hit the road for an epic road trip instead! Don’t have a travel partner and want to adventure solo...don’t fret, Run Gum Energy Gum is the perfect road trip tagalong, and here’s why! 

  1. Run Gum will keep you alert while you’re on the road solo. Blast your favorite radio station (or maybe pull out the nostalgia CD’s) and pop a piece (or two) in of your favorite flavor of RG. Chewing Gum is said to help keep you more alert while driving, especially the mint flavor. (Click Here to Read more about that)
  2. No potty breaks! WooHoo! You know those moments when you’re traveling through the night, by yourself, and there seems to be nothing but dark night and your headlights ahead of you? Yeah...perfect time to normally have to use the restroom. Luckily with Run Gum you won't be needing to pull off to the side of the road and wonder what that noise was. 
  3. Party in your mouth. Ok, ok, maybe this is a bit bias, but seriously… the first bite and you get all.the.flavors! Then once the flavors start wearing off, that's how you know it’s time to spit it out and you got yourself a mouth full of flavor (and a body full of energy) to make it until it’s time to fill up for gas. ⛽️
  4. Skip the junk food! Did you know that chewing gum actually suppresses your hunger? So while you’re stocking up for the road trip ahead, don’t worry about *as many* of the extra snacks you think you’ll need along the way. 
  5. Easy to pack! This seems like a no brainer, but we take up no extra room in your luggage, and while your bag is overflowing with clothes and shoes, we slip right into the front pouch, lay right on top, or even right in your hand as you're racing out the door. The pack of gum gives you 2 pieces to enjoy either separately or together depending on your caffeine need, and its nice and slim, lightweight, and easy to carry literally anywhere. 

So what are you waiting for? Maybe your friend is afraid to travel right now, but get out there and adventure solo...just know you’re never really solo, because Run Gum is right here for you every step (or drive) of the way. 

PS...we won't make you turn the channel from your favorite music (or maybe boring podcast that’s your guilty pleasure). This is a no-judgment zone and we’re happy to be tagging along on your adventure!

You can pick up our trial pack here

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