Tips & Tricks to Achieve the Goals You’ve Set For Yourself

Tips & Tricks to Achieve the Goals You’ve Set For Yourself

Sticking to goals can be a little difficult at times. As you know here at Run Gum HQ we all stick to the Build The Path method; however, sometimes it’s even hard for us to get in the habit of doing things that are needed to hit that big, audacious goal! 

Here are some tricks that we try using along the way to help us hit our smaller goals within the path to get to where we’re going. 

  1. Visualize hitting the goals. The big ones, the small ones whatever it is - visualize it and make it real to you! 
  2. Focus on your Short-Term Goals. Those small goals are going to help you reach the big one. By achieving the small ones along the way it keeps you motivated to keep going. Instead of focusing on the long path ahead, focus on the short one to your next mile marker.
  3. Create accountability. Just like Step Number 4 mentions - TELL SOMEONE! It is only going to help keep you accountable in the long run.
  4. Take your brain out of it. Sometimes your brain likes to talk you out of doing as NIKE would say and “Just Do It” without thinking too hard about it!! Remember Your Why?
  5. Look back at how far you’ve come. Sometimes a great way to stay motivated in your overall goal is to see how far you’ve come by hitting those small goals along the way. 
  6. Know that you CAN! really can. Each of us has that fire inside of us to hit the achievements we’re wanting to make...we really just need to follow the process. 

At the end of the day do not get discouraged. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit. There is something that happens within those 21 days, it might be hard to continue doing; but by day 22...albeit still maybe a little difficult, it is more habitual in your day to day routine. 

If goals were easy to achieve, everyone would be walking around with the body of an Olympian, a Million dollars in their pocket, and jetting off to their favorite vacation spot [although this does sound like some magical land I would like to get away to]. Goal setting...actually goal hard. It takes work day in and day out...but you *can* do it! 

Let us know what kind of tricks you use to help keep yourself accountable, to yourself, to reach the goals you want to achieve! 

>>>Need help getting there? Check out our Build the Path process and tag us in your social media journey to let us help you stay accountable! 

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