Run Gum vs. Coffee

Run Gum vs. Coffee

Here at Run Gum, we love drinking coffee, but it isn’t always the best caffeine option. Coffee is a great ritual, right? A slow, Saturday morning or when you’re getting together with friends, but Run Gum is a more convenient and effective option, especially for fueling our active lifestyles. So, let’s compare the two! 

Let’s first talk about ingredients. A pack of original strength Run Gum and a cup of coffee have similar amounts of caffeine. Our Run Gum Extra Strength, has double the amount. 

Run Gum contains ingredients that enhance performance including Taurine and B-Vitamins, and has zero calories and zero sugar. 

Coffee, while generally healthy, has a ton of acids and other ingredients that aren’t necessary to give you energy and enhance performance.

Coffee also fills your stomach with liquid that feels like a rock in the pit of your stomach, or slosh around right before you workout.

Now,  let’s compare how long they take to kick in. The caffeine in Coffee is absorbed through your stomach and takes over 45 minutes to feel the full effects. 😱

Run Gum, absorbed through your mouth, kicks in up to 5 times faster ( 🥳) than coffee or any caffeinated beverage, giving you a rapid boost right when you need it. This is called sublingual and buccal absorption. 

Have you ever spilled your coffee down the front of your outfit, or in your car? 🥴Us too...that’s why we wanted the next comparison to be about convenience. Coffee is great at home or at a coffee shop, but is often difficult to take with you. You have to either make it or buy it right when you want to drink it, it loses its temperature quickly and can easily spill.

Run Gum can be purchased in bulk beforehand and is easily accessible at any time. Keep it in your gym bag, briefcase, purse, car, desk or pocket for whenever you need a quick boost.

Overall, while coffee definitely still has its place in our daily lives, Run Gum is a much better caffeine solution for anyone exercising or wanting a quick on-demand energy boost.

Let’s recap the 3 main differences between Coffee & Run Gum. 

Run Gum...

  • Has no sloshing liquids in your stomach before a workout 
  • Gives you faster absorption into your bloodstream 
  • And it is easy & convenient! 

You can taste all our delicious flavors here

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